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Molly is turning into a real gannet!

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Up til now (for a whole week, that is :lol: ) I have used grapes to lure the girls back into the run. However it's not working anymore...


Molly - and I swear you have never seen a chicken run so fast :shock: - is across the garden in a flash, and downs them whole! I think she does it just so she's quick enough to get them all!


So poor Millie - who pecks her food before she eats it like a good girl :lol: - doesn't get any treats now because Greedy-Guts gets them all. She's stopped even bothering to try, now - which is so sad! :cry:


So -


This competitive streak in Molly is making her a bit mean :?

She's always stealing food from Millie, and jumps up to peck grapes from my hands (wow that girl can jump!) again so Millie doesn't get any!


It also means that Millie isn't motivated to chase grapes into the run, and as she's too skittish to be picked up, I struggle to get her "home" :cry:


Any suggestions appreciated!!

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