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took broody to the vet

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hello I dont know if you can remember one topic about my most often broody hen "broody".

well I took her to the vet as she seemed to have stoped eating and if she was it was very little!!! her crop wasnt filling up.

the vet couldnt find anything wrong with her they listened to her heart,breathing gave ger a though check over and came up with nothing! other then very thing she seems fine!


we both agreed that it would be the best thing for her to be seperated from the group. we have put her in a small run! we have made it as fox safe as we humanly can (other then sitting at its side day and night.........too cold lol) and is put inside the BIG run with the other girls!!!! in hope that when it comes to her being put back in with the others shoudl go smoothly????


they also said that if she dosent start to eat they will put a small tube down her throat so that I can feed her (fingers crossed I will get her to a good weight then she might start eating again) it the need arises then that is wheat I will do! I am determined that she will get better and am gonna try everything. we do it for our dogs and cats so hens are no different!


thought you would like some pics ok the run looks small but its fine for a sick hut ans is only temp till she starts to put a bit of weight on.






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Hi Emma - I had a chook (not broody at the time) who wasn't eating because she was poorly. I tried syringe feeding her, but that just made her more upset. The vet gave her a steroid injection to boost her appetite and that had the desired effect. I also found her to be a better feeder once she started laying - she seemed to gain in confidence and is still bottom of the pecking order, but at least she'd eating now.


Good luck with getting her sorted out.

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well so far so good! she has started to eat albe it only small amounts but better then nothing, her feathers are growing back too so fingers crossed!


I gave them a sort of ham salad (ham, cabbage, tomartos, rasins and grapes) today by order of the vet (to boost their vitamins etc natrally as I dont think they like the poultry spice) they LOVED it Ive never seen something go so fast (other then a worm)


so fingers crossed peeps


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