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Well after 2 soft eggs and a day with no eggs we have our first two egg day!! And not only that but one of the girls has laid a whoppa!! I tried to put a picture in the gallery but failed miserably - but it weighs in at 85g!!


whoppaegg.jpgTwice as heavy as we usually have. And it had to happen, we are getting a third chicken at the weekend - a Cream legbar 18 week old so hoping to add some blue/green eggs to the mix soon!! I am so excited about everything this afternoon!!!

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Ive had them 3 weeks yesterday - Marmite layed after 4 days but Ginge has only just layed int hte last day or so. Have yours started sqatting when you stand over them yet? Ginge did that for about a week before her first egg. Marmite was pretty mature when we got her though only 2 week older than Ginge. Looking forward to having Ellie before these two get too settled!!

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