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rehoming exbattery hens

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Hello l hate to have to write this but we have 3 ex battery hens we already have 3 normal hens.But due to unexpected circumstances we need to rehome the exbattery hens they have come on leaps and bounds in the last 3 weeks.They are called millie,honey,cookie, they are friendly and are sweet natured.They have grown back most of there feathers and are eating organic layers pellets.They are not living with my other hens due to them recovering and l have never put new chickens together.They need a good home with plenty of love they love the garden and worms.I feel as im 2 months pregnant l have just taken on to much but did not know l was pregnant at the time due to so much ivf that did not work so we was shocked to find that we had this recent news.We have never rehomed a pet before and dont make a habit of it sorry to go on.We live in rochester in kent and can deliver with in reason. many thanks

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They can come with there house its wood but it has removable rosting bars and a nesting area.I really need to rehome these little ladys asap






There looking much better now and do come over when we go out to the garden they are just starting to try new foods

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