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Not as easy as it looks!

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Well, my eagerly awaited green eglu arrived today! So I set to putting it all together as I live outside the delivery area where they set up the eglu for you. Now, I've prided myself on my handywoman skills. I've replumbed the bathroom and refitted a kitchen all by myself, but putting the run together had me blastpheming more than with the Ikea flatpacks! 20 minutes it says in the booklet- but three hours later, fingers torn to shreds I still haven't got all those little green clips on and I cannot match up the first and second bits of the left hand side of the run. It seems warped somehow.:cry:

Must get this sorted by tomorrow as I'm collecting the girls then-two beautiful blue opington bantams. Does anyone else have these?


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Did you have any assistance? It took two of us to put it together and hold bits together. It was tricky trying to match up the sides, although I suppose as second hand again it may have been easier than new. Sometimes it's hard to get the skirts to lie flat even if it is right-I remember when we moved ours onto the newly dug area and had to keep digging to accomodate it.

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I found this-could it go in a sticky?

Hi guys,


Sorry for missing this topic earlier.


What is causing this problem?

The runs are bent to shape by hand before being coated. We always over bend them slightly as the bend 'relaxes' when they are coated and transported. You haven't got a bad batch (they all have the right dimensions of mesh ). They just need a small tweek to make them perfect :) My diagram below shows roughly how slight it is:




How to fix this problem

You need to take the panels off the eglu, lie each one on the ground and then flatten them a little. You flatten them by pushing the panel flat for a second and then releasing it. One push normally does it. You can check that it looks okay by picking the panel up and holding its up to the rest of the run and judging by eye. Generally, the over bending is so slight that a small push solves it - so don't go flattening it too much.




Run converters and extension can have the small slight over bending but the vast majority of all the runs relax to the right shape.


I will keep an eye on this topic, so let me know if you need more information or help,





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