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Hello from another chicken novice

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Greetings to all you Eglu ownwers out there!

After much careful thought (it took about 2 years for us finally to take the plunge!) we expect our green Eglu and various bits and pieces to arrive tomorrow. The forum has been very useful in our pre-purchase research and through it we got in touch with the most helpful Paula of Paula's Poultry in Jedburgh; we're heading down there to take delivery of a Sussex Star and a Speckled Star 3 weeks today. Originally we wanted 3 chickens but as they will spend a lot of time in the run with supervised free ranging every day (the mighty urban fox being a complete terror round our way), we took Omlet's advice and resigned ourselves to 2.

Answers to the following 2 questions would be much appreciated. Firstly, could any of my fellow west of Scotland Omletarians let me know where I might find a supplier of auboise or Hemcore? We're in the south side of Glasgow. And secondly, given that Omlet sell dried mealworms, am I right in assuming that chickens enjoy live ones too? We always have a supply of these in the house to feed number one son's leopard gecko.

Many thanks!

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Welcome! and congrats on your purchase...you WILL NOT be disappointed!


We've had our eglu 2 weeks and its fab - so easy to clean and look after...our chickens settled very well in it.


Im not in scotland (well im holidaying there from Friday), but we got our hemcore from a local farmers suppliers - you could try horsey shops too.


Our chickens love anything LIVE so they will love the mealworms - ours eat slugs/woodlice/ants/snails - basically anything crawling in the garden gets wolfed up....its amazing how good their eyesight is!!


let us know when your eglu comes....we all know how exciting it can be...

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Hi Lindy - fantastic! I think you're the closest eglu owner to me that I know of. I've had my eglu and 3 chickens for 3 weeks and I'm completely obsessed - 21 eggs so far and i'm already looking to expand my flock! Do you have to wait 3 weeks for the chickens? I got mine from a chap in Maybole although I heard Paulas Poultry is very good.

Where are you in the South Side - I have a few friends in Newton Mearns and Giffnock?

I use Hemcore and have 2 local suppliers - Galloway and McLeod in Stonehouse (which is 5 mins away) and the shop at Lanark market (about 20 mins away). I also get my layers pellets, corn mix, poultry spice, stockholm tar etc. from G&M.

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Helloooooooo over there!


I'm in the East, just outside Edinburgh - there seems to be a bit of an influx of Scots here over the last few weeks!


I get my chickens from Paulas - I do hope you've got good directions for getting there - she's up in the hills, off the beaten track! We got lost the first time we went! Say 'Hi' to her from me, when you get there!


I'm afraid I have no idea where you will be able to get Hemcore or Auboise - we just use wood chips in our run.


Welcome to the forum!

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Thanks to everyone for their useful advice and good wishes. The Eglu arrived today and looks even more splendid in real life than in the photos.


Chicken Eggspert, I live very near the areas in the south side of Glasgow you mentioned. We didn't have to wait 3 weeks for the chickens but as husband, 3 sons (aged 14, 11 and 8) and I will all be off school and work for the October school holiday we decided to spend that time welcoming the chickens and getting to know them. I found Paula through a post about recommended poultry breeders and decided to go to her for the chickens after looking at her website and emailing her for advice. Jedburgh's a bit of a hike for us but it's in a lovely area and we're going to make a weekend of it down there before collecting the chickens (I want to call them Blanche and Stella but the boys have other ideas) and then bearing them proudly home to settle in.


Have other people read the truly horrifying post from earlier today (in the Eglu section) about the poor chicken that was killed by a fox somehow savaging it through the run mesh? Subsequent posters are suggesting covering the run with finer mesh.

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