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Chickens in eglu

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I was wondering how many chickens you can have in the eglu?


I had my three chickens for 5 months (give or take a few days) but sadly the fox got them.


When i had them i had 2 ginger nut rangers(ginger) and 1 Miss pepper pot(black) and the 2 gingers kept pecking my poor black one even though she was bigger.


This went on for the whole 5 months i had them. They would stop her from getting at the treats and would even steal her worms. I felt really sorry for her and was planning to get another Miss pepper pot but the fox had other plans.


I would really like some more chickens and dont want it to happen again.


When i got my eglu, a brochure came with it about omlet. There was a picture of a person next to the run with 4 chickens in. And when i went to shut my chickens up for the night, there was plenty of room for another chicken.


Would it be alright to house 4 chickens in it or am i just being to greedy?

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Assuming it's a Mark2 Eglu you have (which it will be if you bought it from Omlet 5 months ago, then yes 4 chickens will fit in there quite happily. For a while I had 5 chickens in mine, and they all snuggled up so tightly together at night, I'm convinced I could have fitted at least one more in there as well!


The only problem comes during the day - the basic run isn't big enough for really more than 2-3. Mine spent all their waking days free-ranging, or in the bigger run we built, and were never confined into the eglu run.

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I dont know but when i had my three chickadoo's, i could watch them for ages and when they were having a dust bath, i would get coverd too. :lol:


Most funnyest thing i saw was my chickens sunbathing. That was soooo funny. They looked so calm and happy lying on the floor with there wings open.


With there own little characters. I swear that one of my chickens was half cockrel.....she wouldnt stop squarking....arrh bless her. She was a big chicken. i wish i could show you a pic of her. Ow i do miss them. My feathered friends. :cry:

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