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Yet another egg question...

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i have read some of the other egg related questions, but couldn't find an ansmer to my scenario


The have had the hens for 9 weeks now. Phyllis started laying a month ago(on my birthday) and has been laying pretty much every day since. Maisie started 2 days later and laid every other day for a week , then laid daily for 4 days, then stopped completely. Violet has not bothered to start yet!


As the hens were bought for their egg laying i am getting a bit fed up. I have told the children that Violet will go back if she doesn't get her self sorted, but she s their favourite as she enjoys cuddling the most. I am even more cross with Maisie though as she can do it ,but won't.


Any help or advice please.

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Hi! I've moved this to the chickens section, so hopefully you'll get a few more replies.

I think Martin is right in his question.... first thing to establish is whether they are definitely eating their layers pellets/mash.

Let us know and then we can take it from there......

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yes they are eating their pellets. I don't let them out into the garden until after lunch and they get any treats then.

Should I stop giving them treats and see if that helps?

I think Violet may be younger than the others she is smaller and her comb is not as big. I was giving her the benefit of the doubt but figure that she should have got her act together by now. Maisie is huge and has no such excuse!


Thank you for moving this, I meant to put it in the chick bit but clicked in the wrong place.

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