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Just thought I would ask if anyone has had a package off the IFAW.I got home from work and found this quite large packet, inside was a lovely large shopping bag with cute puppies on the front and then I read these letters :cry: about dogs on death row in Mexico.I won't go into details as you can imagine it upset me very much. I'm now considering a monthly donation, this is what they were asking for, I had thought about it before but now they've got me. I realise they have to get peoples attention but I wish it could be done differently. I wonder how much the bags must cost to send. Anyway I thought I would ask if you have had one, or your thoughts on such matters!

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Hi Mandy,


My thoughts are quite undecided on this one.

It sometimes feels like black mail the way charities get their message across - but how would they get it across otherwise when there are so many other competing for our money?

I am watching a few programs on the baby channel at the moment - and during every advert break there is quite a disturbing advert for the NSPCC. If you watch animals programs - you can get the same type of thing for Dogs Trust or the RSPCA. At least you can turn over during the adverts - but unsolicited mail is hard to turn away from, particularly if photos are involved.


As far making me donate - it doesn;t work with me. I support a few charities that are personal to me and make a deliberate choice not to give to any others so I can support better the ones I do.... if you see what I mean. And I don't mind being contacted by those charities when they are particularly struggling.


It's a hard one....

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This upsets & angers me actually.

I feel that as a grown woman I can make the decision which (if any) charities I choose to give to without being persuaded into doing so.


All my unsolicited mail goes straight into the recycling & I continue to support the 2 charities that have touched me most in my life.


I know that charities need donations,but I think that to send a nice bag with puppies on along with the horrible truth about animal cruelty is a dreadful thing to do :?

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I agree with Cinnamon - I stick with the charities close to my heart (normaly have some sort of animal connection :roll: ) - I have had 2 of the "baby names" books from the NSPCC and I know when that one came out there was a real hoo haa about it

If we gave to every charity that touched our hearts we would be stone broke. It sounds callous, but stick with the ones important to you - whether its for children, animals or trees :D

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I've never recieved anything from IFAW, but I had a similar experience a couple of years ago when I recieved an unsolicited pack of Christmas cards painted by foot & mouth artists, with, of course the invitation to send them a donation to cover the costs. I fretted about the decision, but eventually ignored them, they were unsolicited, they weren't cards that I'd ever have chosen as I didn't like the designs, and whilst it's a worthy cause I'm sure I always buy my Christmas cards from the same 2 charities, and didn't want to dilute the amount that I can give to them by buying elsewhere. I also worried that if I gave to them once they'd be writing to me every year. I did feel guilty though, they must have spent money on producing and sending me those cards that the charity could have put to a better use.

But... just how do some of the smaller charities get themselves heard when they're competing against some very big, self-publicising and high profile charities?

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