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Sarah M

Would anyone like to adopt two hens ?

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Hi everyone


I have made a very difficult decision, I don't think hen keeping is for me anymore :( Apart form the fact that my cat is terrified of them and has almost moved out I am finding it too much of a tie :oops:


Would anyone like to adopt them ? I would only let them go together as they have formed a good bond with each other, I also think it would be best if they could go to someone who can let them free range for as much of the day as possible. I currently leave them in the garden all day, even though we are not around (they wouldn't have it anyother way !!!)


Their names are Ginger & Babs, they are a Pepperpot and a Gingernut, they both came to us from Omlet on the 13th July this year. Both are laying one egg a day each :)


I have also got a green Eglu if anyone would be interseted in making an offer on it, if not I shall sell that on eBay soon


Like I say, this is a very difficult decision and I will miss them both as they have such funny characters :cry: but I think the time has come for them to go to someone who is not as worried about their garden as I am :oops:

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I have three hens. As the biggest always sleeps in the nesting box and the other two huddle together, the Eglu is half empty and I am sure I could squeeze five in. I am planning to buy two more hybrids, but Omlet are out of stock at the moment.


But as I said, think of me as a last resort.

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