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West Country bunny

Bunnies and Guineas in Winter!

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Hello - please can you help?

We have a very long-haired female guinea pig called Guinea (looks like Dougle from Magic Roundabout!) and Snowy, largish lop-eared fremale white bunny, both 18 months old, who have lived together since they were tiny babies and generally seem very happy together!

About 6 months ago they moved together into a really groovy bright pink Eglu which they both seem to love!


I think that Bunny is starting to show rather hormonal behaviour - digging for England (so now we have Eglu wire underneath which she STILL manages to dig through!!) and most annoyingly, as soon as we clean them out, she instantly empties the pod of ALL her bedding and shreds the newspaper and makes herself a big nest outside!!! Won't go into pod for anyone but she does use it as a toilet! Will also not let us pick her up but friendly otherwise!

I am really worried about the winter as poor guinea is left bedding-less in the pod and I just think that she'll be too cold and very damp (it rains a lot here!)

So...am planning to rehouse guinea with other guineas in separate accommodation and introduce boy bunny to Snowy - local RSPCA home have neutered boys but should we still neuter Snowy too? Am really worried about risk of operation as is my 9 year old (Snowy is here's) - but would it be fairer to Snowy in the long run???

Help! Any thoughts would be VERY welcome!! :? Thanks!

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Yes definately get her done. Most vets and the RSPCA recomend it, as girl bunnies have a high chance of getting cancer of the womb. It should also sort the behaviour out. I have a boy and girl, shes a RSPCA bunny, they loved each other from day one :) but they had both been neutered before. Hope this helps and keep us posted.

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Well said Pepe :D


get the bunny neutered, within a couple of months things will be back to normal. I have two girl bunnies (who are both neutered), they live in their Rablu sometimes and also in their luxury duplex wooden hutch. I have covered the run of the Rablu with a clear IKEA shower curtain, so that they have shelter in the winter and can use the run in all weathers.


Let us know how you get on....

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:) Thankyou Pepe and Claret - it's really good to have your thoughts too and I think you've confirmed what I was thinking really!


Just a thought, Pepe, we live in Cornwall too (about 12 miles from Bodmin) and as we are new to the area, is there a vet you could recommend for The Op that you use? Our local vet is fine but not sure how used they are to 'doing' female bunnies!


Thank you! :D


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