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With the weather as it is at the moment, and we're not even in winter yet, the bark in the run is absolutely sodden - yet again. Looking back over the forum, other people have said there's stay nice and dry.


How can this be? I'm using the winter cover but the cover doesn't cover the whole of the run - how does their run stay completely dry?


Also, what is the Ikea cover I have heard someone talk about?

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Even with the winter cover on, my run always ends up soaking - it must be to do with how much or how little shelter you have surrounding the run as well. Mine has no shelter over the top of it, so the rain gets in, and the chooks get wet.


The Ikea cover is their cheap clear shower curtain - good strong, clear platic raincover, just the correct size to completely cover the run, while letting the light in!

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Hi Chooks Aloud!


I have two IKEA covers, made last year - one for the Eglu and one for the Rablu. You can see the Eglu one using the links below - I got some bungee hooks and some clear webbed tape from B&Q and away I went. You will need to narrow the shower curtain at one end to allow for wheer the run tapers down to the Eglu.






Have fun, and shout if you have problems!


(for some reason I can't get images from the new gallery to imbed in a post :roll: )

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I got some clear webbing tape from B&Q (you might be able to see it in the close up picture) and mitred it on the corners, then poked a hole through it. Any strong webbed tape will do though. Would've been even better if I had a hole rivetting thingy, but it has held fine all through last winter and is back in place now. I like that it's clear - it lets more light through, which is essential in the winter.

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I use a long length of plastic tablecloth, it's exactly the right width and comes by the metre from haberdashers, and in some dippy, groovy or plain MAD patterns. Brill.


Not as cheap as the shower curtain, but one continuous length is achievable if you have the extensions on as I do.


Eyelet kit and some locking wire to fix, with the summer shade at one end holding it down further, and a big bungee across the end by the Eglu.

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