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My hubby has agreed to make our chooks a big run. I would be grateful for any building/material tips from anyone who has already gone down this route, i.e. what wire is completely fox proof, do you have to dig the wire into the ground etc?


Never done this kind of thing before, so any advice would be much appreciated.



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Great news!


There is a sticky here, which features loads of examples of runs built by Omleteers.


A couple of tips to bear in mind:

1. If it's open at the top it will need to be at least 6 feet high

2. Bury the skirt (like the Eglu run) in the surrounding soil, or put paving slabs on top of it

3. Use welded mesh rather than chicken wire as foxes can bite through the latter.


Have fun!

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Hey Chooks Aloud!


Im currently building a hen hotel and bought my 'chicken wire' from this company - http://www.weld-mesh.com/ they are really good and gave me loads of advice before i bought - just email them. :D I bought a 30m roll of galvanised mesh 14g weight.



Our run is about 4m square and has 12 posts round the outside edges made with 4x4 tanalised timber, we have noggins in between each post top middle & bottom for support (2x2 tanalised)

The front of the run is about 6 foot high and slopes towards the back which is about 5 & 1/2 foot.


I will take some photos next week (need to borrow the digi cam from work 1st) and will try & link them to this post! :D

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