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Stubborn chicken wants to roost in a tree

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I had a friend who rejoiced in the name of Zillah some years ago, and her chickens always roosted in trees, no matter what the weather was doing, and despite having a state of the art (pre Eglu) des res purpose built at great expense.


I don't recall there being any fox mishaps.

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Last night she opted for the red eglu on her own, so at least we were spared the worry of her being spooked by the fireworks. I'm going to keep a closer eye on them at bedtimes & make sure there's no squabbling going on.


Funny thing is, she prefers to sleep in the nestbox rather than on the rungs when she's in an eglu :roll:

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Mine go through spells of roosting up trees and shrubs rather than the eglu and I've given in and let them sleep where they choose - I just couldn't be bothered chasing them down with a torch every night. :roll:

In fact while it was warmer I never shut them away at night at all - both run and eglu were left open constantly... I just kept my fingers crossed that the foxes don't come and touch wood they haven't called so far. Since it's been cold they seem to prefer to retreat into the eglu (all 5 of them in the same one) and they all try to get into the nest box! Most nights only 2 end up in it, but sometimes 3!!! Perhaps they don't like the roosting bars :?

I think they will be fine if you leave them to roost where they please... as long as you are aware that they would not be spared should a fox pay your garden a visit. It's a risk that you will have to weigh up for yourself on your little chooks behalf... :(

Good luck!

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