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Best anniversay Present

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Hello everyone,


I'm back from my jollies in Wales. Survived Thursday's downpour - although we had upgraded from our tent to parent-in-law's caravan by then! Had a lovely time, spent lots of time riding bikes along the many canals in Llangollen, and even climbed Snowdon :shock:


Back to the point - it's my wedding anniversary today (first one)

and Darren has got me the best present -


a years subscription to Practical Poultry :D (with it being a 'paper' anniversary) I'm over the moooooooon. I had no idea the magazine existed, and was so excited when I opened it.


Anyway - you guys are the only people that will appreciate this, so I thought I'd tell you lot first (at 6am on Sunday morning! Sleeping patterns out the window since camping) before my friends and family look at me like I'm mad when I take my first issue to our meal this afternoon :?


Neighbour looked after our girls while we we away. I never thought I'd miss a couple of chooks like I did last week :roll:


I really missed you guys too! SO nice to be back :)

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Welcome back Gina- nice to see the familiar red type :lol: Glad you enjoyed your holiday.

Happy Anniversary :P:P:P

Enjoy reading Practical Poultry, sounds like a great present. Well done Darren.

I hope those chickens have laid you some super eggs for a special anniversary/ welcome home breakfast :)

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Hi Gina,


I am a new member of the forum. Happy Anniversary and nice to hear you had a good holiday. Thought I would contact you for 2 reasons:


1. We were in Llangollen ourselves last week just for a day out, as it is only a 25 minute drive from where we live.


2. What a brilliant anniversary present, I am off to the newsagents now to see if they stock Practical Poultry and have also had a look at their web site, (see you can subscribe on line). As my husband (Tony) has two geese and I have a quartet of chooks thought mught be interesting for both of us.


Thanks for the info. :idea:

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Thank you for all your lovely messages, you lot are brilliant :)


Had a lovely day out with the family. Had some fab pressies too. (My friend had a jigsaw made from a picture taken at our wedding of the two of us)


Alison - we probably passed each other in the street! How funny is that?!

I love Llangollen. Its a great cultural little place. We were there in time for the Fringe festival this year and went to see a couple of things, including the wrestling - what a scream that was! Hilarious :D


Nice to meet you too :lol:

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You're so right Mel :) although I have to say he's brilliant at buying presents. I've had some unusual ones in the past!


I've read my Practical Poultry from cover to cover too Alison. The battery hen story was excellent wasn't it?


The pictures really bought it home. Me & Mum were nearly in tears, and she has now been converted to all things organic - including Helmans Mayonaise which, I think I'm right in saying, Louise (not the chicken) has been battling with to try to get them to use Organic eggs rather than Battery farmed ones.


A fab mag!


I also bought Kitchen Garden and Grow your Own while we were away, that Kate recommended - they're good too :)

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