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Big Bad Fox.....

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We have 4 bunnies, 2 in a Rablu and 2 in a 'normal' hutch with a homemade run covered in chicken wire. This morning my daughter spotted a fox sat on top of the hutch trying to get at the rabbits who were squealing so loudly they woke my daughter up (luckily). We have 6 foot fences all the way round our garden and never thought that a fox could get in.


Not surprisingly all four rabbits were terrified and when i opened the doors to check on them they bolted to all parts of the garden!


My rabbits lovely life has been spoiled by this fox as they have always roamed the garden all day and evening only wandering into the hutches when they felt like it. Unfortunately the fox now knows where they are so he will be back.


All 4 rabbits are in the Eglu at the moment, not ideal as it will be a bit cramped but will be a better option than getting eaten.


Does anyone have any ideas how i can stop the fox getting into my garden again (apart from building a 12 foot high fence!) ? I could camp out on the garage roof with a catapult but i think i may get into trouble if i shoot a fox.


Any suggestions? Help....

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