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Dominant Chicken??

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Is this possible? :think: I have amber star who has just taken to jumping on the back of my speckledy. (just like cockerals do) I have only had the speckledy for a about a month and the amber star (florence) was the bottom of the pecking order before my new ones arrived. So is she just asserting herself or could she be gay? She is also crowing a lot, I think she thinks she is a cockeral!?! BTW she lays eggs so definately female!! :lol: All advice most grateful as i think my speckledy is getting a little fed up!

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My Elsie has started doing exactly the same thing- minus the crowing. It's always Blanche that she jumps on who is top of the pecking order with all the other girls- maybe it's a power struggle!

Blanche is very submissive with Elsie though- even crouches when Elsie is approaching! :lol:

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Yes its an 'I'm more important than you and don't you forget it' thing, I have a hen that does it too :roll: this is normal if a bit alarming


However (unconnected to the above) and on rare occassions you can get a female hen that changes from a female to a 'male' over time, they start to crow and the treading could become a nuisance as its hormonal, then you need to decide what future that hen has with your flock


Janty had one like this recently and had to rehome him/her because of the crowing

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