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Linda H


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We had an unwelcome visit from a fox last week, Matilda was killed and Georgina injured. Henriettta seems to have escaped unscathed and Georgina is making a good recovery. We are only letting them out if we are in the garden with them or nearby, but know that it can happen very quckly and think the Fox may be back having found where the chickens are.

I was thinking of getting a FOX WATCH ultrasonic device to deter them but do not know how effective it is and if it affects dogs too as our neighbour has a dog, and I do not want to upset them.

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I am very sorry that you have suffered from a fox. I have a fox making my life a misery too. It has always seemed unbelievable (and unfair!) to me that some people are able to let their chickens out in the garden unattended.


I have not tried Foxwatch, as I think that urban foxes are afraid of nothing. "My" fox doesn't even move when I come out into the garden. But if anyone can confirm that Foxwatch works with cheeky and fearless urban foxes, I would be interested to know too.

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Hi Linda,


As I'm sure you'll find out from the sticky you have been pointed too - various people from this forum have successfully used a foxwatch - me not included though.


I know for sure they don't deter dogs or cats in any way though.


Two important things to remember:

1. It you get the battery operated ones - beware of the battery running out and forgetting to chnage it! :shock:

2. It takes a few weeks before they start to work, so dn't trust them straight away - they do tell you that on the isntructions though.


Good luck and sorry to hear about your loss.

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