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tip of the day (been to market)

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i went to loughborough this morning, and came back with a huge box of cabbage leaves.........................................................for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



one of the fruit and veg stall had loads knocking about, paul suggested i asked if we could have some for our chooks (note that he didnt go over and ask himself!) the chap looked at me a little strange when i asked if i could have some trimmings for my chooks, but after a little grin from me he told me to help myself, so i did!


if ever you are at a market, its worth an ask.

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Yes I always do! Never got that many though - wouldn't fit in our fridge!! Will be off to Marylebone farmers market tomorrow so hope to get some there! I ask in some greengrocers shops too. And I check their piles of waste outside sometimes too :oops: - then ask them if I can have various discarded items FOR MY CHICKENS - just so they don't think I'm scrounging for myself!! :wink:

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