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Mystery solved! Plus, the eggles have landed!

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OK, all is now clear.


This morning I actually saw Blanche exiting the nesting box, leaving a lovely lightish brown egg (her third) behind her. Her place was swiftly taken by Stella and a short while later a mid-brown egg with very dark brown speckles appeared - her first.


So our Sussex Star lays lightish brown eggs and our Speckled Star lays mid-brown/dark brown speckled eggs. :D

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Are they pure white or just very pale? Our Sussex Star lays a very pale egg but it has gone very pale recently, coinciding with a partial moult. The only way i know it is not white is because we have a Whitestar who lays a pure white egg -and there is a difference which is visible when the eggs are together.

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I'd definitely say they were white, though I don't have anything to compare. Skye's shells are also not very strong and are often quite transluscent with loads of weird ridge formations on them. I see her eating plenty shell/grit mix but she was such a poor wee skinny thing when I got her I think she still needs some 'building up'.

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