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double yolkers

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As you may or may not know our Ella has just started laying.


Apart from the very 1st egg (which was small and perfect) ever since she has laid WHOPPER EGGS, huge ones which im almost frightened to crack in the pan for fear of alien appearing :lol:


also the last 5 days EVERY day she has laid a DOUBLE YOLKER :shock::lol:


is this normal in the beginning :?:

we are very suprised as my girls were rescued from my hubby's work so we didnt even expect them to lay in the 1st place!!

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Wow - thats a lot of big eggs ! I have only had 1 double yolker since I got my girls! I know that at the beginning of laying some strange things like shell less eggs and double yolkers can happen - but your Ella seems to have gone into overdrive! I'm sure it will calm down eventually when she gets into a routine of laying so make the most of it!!

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Big fat Belle used to lay regular double yolkers in her first six months of laying, and they certainly make Sunday fry-ups extra special!


Sadly we've not had a double yolker for a while. :(

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