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Elaine C

Nearly there with new girls!!!

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As some will know got 2 more chooks on 3/11 to add to our Omlet pair who arrived on 10/3. It's been a struggle - old girls not taken very well to the additions. But the over the last couple of days things have got much easier and today they all spent the morning in the eglu run together with only minor and I would say half hearted peckings from the old girls to the backs of the new girls rather than vicous peckings to their necks as they did for the first 3 weeks! So I feel a big breakthrough today. :)


In part probably I'm to blame for the time it's taken. As I say, initially the old girls were going for the new girls necks and did seem very vicious. So had segretated the run so new girls had the front and old girls the back so they had access to the nest box to lay as I wasn't happy at leaving them all together in such a confined area while I couldn't supervise. But this meant that in the morning I had to let the old girls into the run and pop the new girls at the front and then return from work before it got dark (thank goodness for flexi time!!) to let them all out in the netted area and make sure the new girls could get to bed.


Last week however, I removed the seperating mesh when I got home so they were all in the run together and didn't let them out in the netted area. As getting close to dark and with distaction of corn scattered in the run, this wasnt' too bad. So wish I had tried this before as this seems to have done the trick. As I say still peckings but now I feel only minor.


Anyway, good progress today on their new 3x6m run at the bottom of of the garden. Hopefully will be finished tomorrow, weather permitting, so will be able to be out all day together without worry, they're not too bad together out of the eglu run as the new girls can run away. If it's not finished though I do feel a lot more confident that I will be able to let them all out together on Monday in the eglu run anyway. A bit of a relief as I will be away on Tuesday evening (residential work course) so will not be able to get home and supervise bedtime.


The new meadowseet is squatting now so hopefully she will be laying within the next few days so will need access to the eglu! The amber seems to be very scatty and the slightest little thing sets her off flapping. Is this the same for all ambers?

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