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Worried of Woking

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Hi All,

We have had Zinger, Twister and Popcorn for a whole week now! I cant stop watching them - theyre great!


I think they must be about 17 weeks old now. We had bought the ground up layers mash but they didnt seem to be eating it. I was mixing it with the mixed corn like the chap said but they ate the corn and left the mash. Swapped over to layers pellets which I think they had been raised on. Seem to be eating that a bit more but I havent mixed it with the corn in the morning.

They eat corn mix out of my hands like pigs when I get in from work!

Can someone tell me a bit more about the veg peel? I assume you cook it to make it a bit softer but roughly how long? Do you have to chop it up small? I gave them some left over sprouts and they werent bothered. If I give them marmite and toast do I crumble it or do they peck at a slice? These seem such stupid questions but I am terrified of getting it all wrong and harming them.

They come out of their run and Popcorn lets us stroke her. They all have a healthy appearance and chat to each other quite happily.


Really could do with some reassurance.


Sal :cry:

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Calm down! It sounds like you're doing a marvelous job!


I always stick my veggie peelings in the top layer of the steamer when it's on - potato peelings are poisonous to the chickens when raw - but I don;t cut them up at all. When they get marmite butties, I just chuck 'em in!


Try and avoid giving them too much corn - it's quite fattening, so, as long as they have eaten their pellets in the morning, it's a perfect 'after work' treat for them, just make sure they are eating the pellets as well!

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Don't worry Sal - and Shona has given you good advice, nothing much for me to add except, you could try hanging a nice green leafy cabbage up for them to peck at, it will stop them from becoming bored and it is the green that makes the yolks so yellow.


As Shona says - just leave them with pellets in the morning and then some treats when you get home in the afternoon. Ours just get mixed corn - a handful each - every afternoon.

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If the chickens are not laying yet they won't seem to eat very much once they start to lay they will eat more of the pellets or mash............Like the others say let them eat the pellets in the morning then give them mixed corn and treats in the afternoon before bed, corn take longer to be digested so keeps them going through the night...........

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Well said Shona, Lesley and Nicola :D Yup, once the girls start laying you'll wonder how such small creatures get through such huge amounts of food! They will also settle down and eat more when they have settled in to their new house - when we got our two bantams they hardly ate anything but after a couple of weeks when they had settled in they were woolfing it down!

Dont worry about panicking here - there is always someone to help who has gone through the same worries as you do. I, of course, remain calm at all times and never panic.............................. :liar::lol:

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