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Yoghurt help required!

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I've just made my first batch of yoghurt in my new yoghurt maker (God bless Lakeland... :D ) and I've just had a peep now it's finished and cooling to discover that there's a skin on the top and on top of this is a yellowy/gold liquid :shock: which I'm guessing is the fat from the milk - what do I do with it? Stir the liquid and skin in or skim it off :? ?!


Any help would be gratefully received - if it helps I've got the bulk yoghurt maker for Lakeland Limited - it's white and takes 8 hours - anyone got the same?!


Many thanks!

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I use UHT milk too and never get skin. I've also used goats milk, which makes the most lovely yogurt and I'm going to try soya milk as well as I sometimes have a dairy free week of so. I'm not allergic or anything but find it helps my digestion if I give it a break every now and then. The bulk yogurt maker from Lakeland is sooo good.

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Get a strainer... the thick stuff is excellent, or just a little straining helps thicken the yoghurt up - I hate thin yoghurt!


I use Total yoghurt as my starter. It seems that the startter culture is reflected in the final taste.


Also, don't mix cow milk yoghurt and sheep milk as a starter - someone I know got lumpy stuff and it was the only explanation I could find.


I would always use UHT, it is both safer and taster the same by the time you've boiled the milk anyway!


Whizz it up with a handfull of raspberries and a spooon of sugar and drink a gorgeous smoothie.


Happy Yogging. (Lord Yoghurt of Framfield as my friends call me these days!)

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