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Guest Ginette

Dorking bantams

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I wondered if anyone has Dorking bantams?


I saw some today. There were 4 young hens, 3 silver and 1 red, and an absolutely beautiful cockerel. He looked just like the archetypal Dorking complete with the drooping tail feathers which look as if they're falling out!


They were in Dorking on Denbies Wine Estate. The Dorking Cockerel is the emblem of the town.

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They were - and I loved the cockerel. I thought cockerels would be fairly unfriendly but he was so sweet. A real darling! And I wanted to take him home! :shock:


I fear for them though. They have a large wooden coop - with loads of poop on the floor! - and a nice run with that rectangular wire mesh which I'm sure is safer than chicken wire. But the run had been extended in a home-made way with one layer of chicken wire over it. And the frame wasn't quite even so that I could get a whole Croc'd foot under it without moving it at all. They are in open countryside, the largest vineyard in the country and there must be predators around. Fortunately there are also people around most of the day and they are locked in the coop at night. But there won't be anyone around over Christmas will there? :(

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Was he anything like this? This is supposed to be a silver grey dorking cock..




but there are also red dorkings which sound more like your description:




Boy do I wish we could keep a cockerel - they are splendid beasts!!



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He is a silver grey and three of the hens are also silver-grey. One hen is red.


I am going to see them again this morning! (Our Performing Arts library is in the grounds and the music I wanted came in an hour after I left yesterday! :evil: ) We're going to take some lettuce with us!


It looked like they are being fed on corn, not pellets or mash. Is that all right?


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I looked again today and they have got pellets, so that's comforting! The hens stayed in the coop as it was -1 outside at 10am! Just the cockerel outside and I think he must have been cold too. I was frozen and didn't hang around long!

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