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We think Nuggett is laying again, she hasnt laid an egg for about 6 months, we can not be sure but we have a sneaking suspicion that she has started producing eggs again. :D


she lost lots of weight as she was poorly, then went throuh a really long moult and looked dreadful,but now she is a right little plump beefed up chicken.


hooray for nuggett and fingers crossed she is laying again!

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I do hope it is Nuggett that is laying again Laura.................. :lol:


I think Babs is producing eggs again after a 7 month rest her comb is large and red and she is crouching down when I go near her, the egg I found outside the Eglu this morning looked like it was layed by Babs............So lets hope our chooks were just taking a well earned break I would love to get 3 eggs a day again.

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