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Home wanted for 3 Bantam Males.......

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I am after a really good home for my 3 boys, they are absolutely adorable, but feel i need to find them a home before the neighbours start to complain,.......

I live in Kent, so obviously someone local would be good, They are Bantams, Two have gold around their necks and one is white/silver,


I am hoping to get hold of some more girls, so if anyone knows of anyone who has any going ideally local to me, please can you let me know.




Tracey xxxxx

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Brilliant Tracey. Christmas tree farm is really close to where my MIL lives and we used to take the children there regularly :D .

It's a nice little place..... as long as you don't mind the somewhat assertive goats charging at you for the bucket of feed that everyone ends up buying on the way in :roll::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

I'm sure your boys will be very happy there :D

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