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We got three new chickens last weekend - only nine weeks old so about half the size of our others and still tweeting rather than clucking which I think is fab!!!!


Anyway - we are keeping them in one run (not letting them out) while the others free range all day.


I was wondering at what stage we should let the little ones out? Kate put a reply to another post saying that smaller ones could even get pecked to death by bigger ones which is really scary. Do we need to keep them separated until they are more the same size (another 10 - 11 weeks or so)?


What would other people suggest?




(Don't post often (a little shy :oops: ) but love reading the forum and seeing how you are all getting on)

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Hello and congratulations on the new chicks :)


I would suggest keeping them separate until they are all but full grown - around the 18-20 week mark. Even though they will look big enough, they will still have the (lack of) confidence of youngsters and will almost certainly be bullied by the adults. It's much easier for them if they can stand up for themselves when you mix your two flocks, as if they start off being bullied, they are likely to always be bullied.


Chooks eh - who'd have 'em!!

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Congrats on the new chicks!


and dont be shy!! :) we love to have more posts ! :dance:


We had our chicks from 8 weeks and let them out, but we only had those 2 chickens and no older ones....so I would take advice from others and maybe keep them seperated until they start to get a bit bigger/robust!


would love to see some pics 8)

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