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Cate in NZ

It's not even Easter yet.......

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.............. but I'm already embarking on egg hunts :lol::lol::lol::lol:


My stupid birds have turned their beaks up at the nesting box :roll: Yesterday I was surprised to only get 1 egg, but thought they were in egg laying decline because of the cold weather and short days. Today there were none waiting for collection, so I went hunting.

Eventually I thought to check an old plastic storage box that we've got in the garden, but the back of it is damaged, and there's a gap in it just about big enough for a hen to sneak in and lay her egg in quiet, dark privacy.

So, this is what I found today






11 eggs!

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That's a great little stash they have going there, Kate! Bless their little beaks! :lol:


Wonder why they sometimes decide that somewhere else is better? Chutney often tries to get behind our garden bench which is covered, so she can lay, but I shove her back in the nesting box, because she'd be laying directly onto concrete and I don't much fancy the egg's chance!! :roll:


Now to convince all your girls to lay in the nesting box again! 8)


Sue x

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I used to have 5 hens, and the odd laying backlog used to occur, so I guess that's why my lot used the kennel. They stopped when I provided them with a pink, strawlined potty, so 2 could lay at the same time!

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