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bigger run

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I have the standered run plus the converter for my rabbits, but I still felt they needed more space, unfortunately because of the shape of my garden I can't add another omlet extension, browsing the net I found this site, www.pwsgreenline.co.uk They have a great flexible run. You can't leave your bunnies in it all the time, but great I thought for extra exercise. Thought I would share it with you bunny keepers :D

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I have one of these. It comes with green plastic clips rather than the metal spirals pictured. It is green coated steel, and mine is a little rusty because I left it out. If your rabbits chew plastic, then they might chew this. I haven't had any problems.


But... I don't use it very much because my rabbits really don't like being carried around.


This pic: http://pics.livejournal.com/flitljm/pic/0000rdk8/g2 might give you an idea of the run size.




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Thanks Mandy, I can see it now (I was peeping quickly while i was at work). I have something similar, that also makes into a playpen sort of thing. I have used this in the past to contain the bunnies inside and also on the lawn. Mine isn't plastic coated though - it's a silver meatl finish. The spiral closures you can see in the photos are the same as the ones they used on the first version of the Eglu run.


My garden isn't bunny proof, but I let them out for a run while I am cleaning out their house and the eglu, then I can keep an eye on them - they race with the cat :roll:

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