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Water clock: Fab

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I have just taken delivery of a water powered alarm clock! Its great. My old (battery) one gave up the ghost last week, and a "green friend" at work told me about this one: You simply fill the top part of a cell with water and there you have it! Its great: it has a clock, thermometer, count down timer and alarm, each function is accessed by turning the clock a quarter turn (its round).

Only annoying thing about it is it lets out a tiny peep on the hour, and I can't find a way of stopping it, but I am sure I will get used to sleeping through it. :anxious:


The water lasts for about 3 months and when it runs out, you simply top it up again! (of course, if you're smart, you top it up before it runs out :roll: )

Here's the link if you're interested. It got delivered to work yesterday (our darling doggie eats packages sent through the post if we're not in to claim them) and I showed the children in my class: The verdict: Cool! They all want one!




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Nice One Annie!


You got it from the place we use for all the Ecover refills and things - thanks for helping a local (to me) company going!


Joe wants a water powered calculator that we saw when we last went in, as well as the solar powered battery charger and...............


Did get one of these for myself last summer as I think it's ace!




Will get a solar fan for next to my office pc for the summer too!




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Very cool............i love all things green - especially being an ecology and conservation student!


You guys should check out ecotricity too........the green electricity company..........they are really good (even better seeing as Ben & Jerries use them :wink: ). Managed to convince my mum to switch to them :D

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I bought OH a solar powered battery charger, which has worked. I don't think I'd particularly recommend it as I think improved versions might come out. For example, you can't tell if it's working or if the batteries are charged. But we have used batteries after charging them in there - so it does work!


I too am an Ecotricity fan! :D:D

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