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Feather Eating

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I noticed yesterday that Honey was pecking at Maple just below her neck, and now today she has a bald patch! What do I do? I've seperated them in the run at the mo, but even if maple gets too close the the bamboo sticks I used then Honey will reach through and have another go! And she eats the feathers! Help!

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Hi Chickpea!


With regard to feather pecking, I have researched this quite a lot as my Babs GNR was doing this to Laverne PP.


Some say it is habit, others say it is due to a nutrient deficientcy. I bought Bitter peak from pets at home. Its a spray you put on the peckee, to stop the pecker (?) from pulling feathers. This worked for a bit but then started again. I had to resort to a bumber bit which fits into the chickens mouth and stops them from grabbing a feather and pulling. It is quite stressful to put on (for you) but it worked! :)


It fell off about 6 weeks ago and the problem hasn't come back yet (touch wood)


It could be down to boredom?

Do you girls free range at all? Or are they confined to the run most of the time?

I have found, since I let them out most days they don't tend to pay that much attention to feather pulling.


You could also try a pecka block, which has seeds on, this keeps them amused for quite a while and stops them pecking eachother.


Let me know if you need details of the bumber bit.


Good luck

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Where can one acquire this magical pecka block?! :)


We tried bitter beak, which worked for a while and then didn't. I can't bring myself to try a beak thingy - it sounds like some kind of medieval torture device - but poor Matilda's bum is very, very bald :(


Do you happen to recall what vitamins were deficient?

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£7.50 plus 4.95 p&p is a bit pricey!


I have found it for £5.95 BUt it is still nearly £6 P&P, so about the same price!


This place is just 2 mins down the road from me and she is great with advice etc




supplimenting the diet with fatty acids can help the if it is a nutritional deficiency, according to the www.merckvetmanual.com There is loads of info on the website about feather pulling! :shock:


Most often caused by boredom apparently! But having said that, mine have been free ranging for a few weeks now as I have been off sick, so who knows?????

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Hmm, could be boredom, I haven't been able to have them out as often as I did, still need to get fences up to scratch since the windy weather. I had them out yesterday though when I was working in the garden, but when they went in for the night she started doing it, this was when i first noticed, then it was worse today. I think I'll try that bitter beak stuff while I get on fixing the fences! Can you get it from a pet shop or Countrywide?

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Ok, I've got them out today, when they're out they're fine, I'm at home so can look out on them, but from when they were in the run in the morning, the pecker has since drawn blood, and there is a little gash, what is the best way to take care of this? I'm feeling a bit helpless at the moment!

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PURPLE SPRAY (this is on the advice of AnnieP) She swears by it. You can get it from horsey shops for grazes etc! It is antiseptic and covers the wound.


I spoke too soon! Babs has pecked Laverne again, she has no knickers left! :shock::shock:


Need to get a bumber bit back on her! She was doing soooo well, lovely feathers growing back and now the evil Babs is at it again. Can't understand why?



All the best


C x

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Brill! Thank you! I'll get some tomorrow, and spend the rest of the day chickenproofing that section of garden so they can roam free without me having to worry about them! Apart from the dodgy fence it's quite well enclosed so hopefully I'll have them a lot happier.

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