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For all you Eurovision fans

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Some of the countries taking part have already selected their songs, and the vidoes are already on 'youtube'. Before you ask, someone sent me the links, it's not something that I've sat and searched Youtube for.... :lol::lol: , and the following comments are his, not mine!


Albania (Semifinal)

"Balada e gurit"

Aida & Frederik Ndoci


-> Typical Albanian folk song that really won't trouble the scorers IMO.


Belarus (Semifinal)

"Work your magic"

Dmitry Koldun


-> The best song of the semifinal so far according to the polls, and would be odds on favourite to qualify.


Denmark (Semifinal)

"Drama Queen"



-> disco with a key change- surely this is gonig through?!


Estonia (Semifinal)

"Partners In Crime"

Gerli Padar


-> Not a bad effort, but could get lost in the draw I fear.


Ireland (Final)

"They cannot stop the spring"



-> Selected only last night, and it's a very traditional song, complete with the obligatory Eurovision fiddle, accordian, and "Mongolian nasal flute" (Wogan). Already qualified to the final based on last year's finishing position.


Malta (Semifinal)


Olivia Lewis


-> Quite ethno, and not your typical Eurovision song as it's a bit of a mess in places, but could surprise people.


Moldova (Semifinal)


Natala Barbu

-> Starts sounding better when you hear all the other entries first! Quite fancy this one to qualify.


Netherlands (Semifinal)

"Nooit Meer Zonder Jou"

Edsilia Rombley


-> Edsilia represented NL back in 1998 as you'll all remember, and finished 4th. The song isn't bad, and is very likely to be performed in Dutch at ESC.


Norway (Semifinal)

"Ven A Bailar Conmigo"

Guri Schanke


-> Guri won the Norwegian version of 'Strictly Come Dancing', but I'm not going to say a lot about this song as I watched all three semis of the natinoal final and they had better entries to choose from.


Poland (Semifinal)

"Time to party"

The Jet Set


-> Something different from the Poles, but I think it'll flop as Eurovision doesn't usually vote for this kind of thing.


Romania (Final)

"Liubi, Liubi I Love You"



-> The Romanian national was plagued with songs being disqualified for plagiarisms and/or artists not showing up... so you might be able to understand what was left when they picked this.


Slovenia (Semifinal)

"Cvet Z Juga"

Alenka Gotar


-> The first bit of operatic-pop in the Eurovision from Slovenia. Personally I see this doing rather well, but most others disagree- could change if they sing in English though.

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