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Omlet Referral Scheme ?

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Just a thought, and please don't shoot me down, i'm not being mercenary or anything... however... I've been reading about, and looking at all the people who are prepared to show other people (who are most likely unknown to them) their Eglu's. Once our chickens arrive in a couple of weeks we'll probably also join the ranks of those willing to show their new 'offspring?' to any interested parties.


Prior to our purchase we went to see Trish's Eglu, and that was the final deciding factor that encouraged us to place our order with Omlet. I know that Barbara emailed Trish's family to say 'thank you', but wouldn't it have been nice if she'd been sent a little something from the guys at Omlet for her trouble.


I know that Trish quite enjoyed showing her Eglu and Chickens to us, and i'm sure that we will too once or chickens arrive. However, wearing my business hat this could be a good way for Omlet to increase their business in any given area. After all, they say that a recommendation is always the best business to have as it's almost certain to lead to a sale.


I wasn't thinking of anything 'big' by means of a commission, perhaps an Eglu 'refresher' kit or something on similar lines, minimal cost - but almost certainly would be readily welcomed by any Eglu owner.


If it's felt that this may be perceived as being mercenary, what about every new Eglu owner being sent a referral sheet that could be passed on to any potential new customer, this could offer the new customer some sort of 'extra' if submitted with their order for an Eglu, perhaps a set of free 'pegs' for securing their Eglu?.


As I said... Just a thought :roll:





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Hi Jem, lovely thought, but I think you'll find that once we have got our eglu and hens we are so over the moon about it all that we are extremely keen to spread the word and really enjoy doing this. I took our eglu to our allotment open day and had a lovely afternoon chatting eglus and hens with everyone :D



I have a personal desire to see hens in every garden - and the eglu is the way to achieve some growing steps towards this. You'll also find that the most enthusiastic among us omleteers are those of us who have experience of wooden hen houses and their cleaning/maintenance/foxing problems etc.


It's great that you had such a lovely time looking at Trish's set up and I hope your delivery goes well. Have you chosen any names yet? :D

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:oops: Hi Jem ... Barbara mailed me with the Prospective Eglu owners who visited me, comments from the day, and also the offer of a little something from Omlet, to say thanks for my time and trouble.


I, like Motherhen said, enjoyed showing off, and did not mind making coffee, and sending the visitors home with a couple of eggs, and some worming powder (as I have LOADS) for their new arrivals the following weekend. Even though they had ordered an Eglu ... it made no difference to me ...... I am Sooooo PROUD. :wink: .


I am sure Omlet have offered Trish a little something from their office stores ... I still have to remind James re. mine ... but the pure pleasure was in the taking part. :P

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:lol: Oh .. forgot to say ... and LOGIN :roll: , when we had the info bumf with the girls, there were a load of "card flyers" ... and I am sure if anyone mentioned "Jem told me ..... " the guys at HQ would acknowledge, in terms of a little something :wink: . Wouldn't you James, Simon, Johannes and the rest of you fab peeps at Omlet. :P
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Thanks for the offer :D


If you go to the eglu section, there is a sticky


and if you add a post with your location to that thread, one of us mods will add you to the list and delete your post to keep things nice and tidy :D


BTW - if the person listed as Cathie from Lewisham on this list reads this - could you please pm me or add a post - I don't know what your user name is and I can't track you down on the memberlist and someone thinking about getting an eglu would like to visit you first.


If anyone else knows they are on the list, could you please check that the listing includes your user name - if not please let me know so I can add it for future easy reference. Thanks guys :D:D

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:D Well, I've proudly shown off my Eglu on 3 occasions (Becks of French TV fame was my 1st sale, and new members Jason & Sarah are expecting delivery 10/9), but would not expect Omlet to reward me. Except, of course I don't like to miss a freebie if others are getting them :shock:

I've just had another phone call, out of the blue, from someone local who tracked me down through a friend, of a friend, of a friend! I told you I'm notorious in St.Albans now, all that evangelising. :roll:

Having so many visits, and really selling the idea, it did cross my mind what a good agent I am for Omlet & they should employ me, Jem, so I can see how you raised this topic. Also, incentive schemes can be useful to increase sales in business.

However, it is also quite usual practice for a satisfied customer to willingly show the item to a potential customer. We've done this happily from wooden flooring at home, to giant guillotine & forklifts at work, just as good will gesture if the product is good.

Because the Eglu is such a remarkable product, and such a friendly company, I'm happy to carry on informally like this. :D As long as I don't miss out on anything :P

I feel the same as Motherhen; Just expect Newcastle & St.Albans to be covered in Eglus soon! 8)

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