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re: omlet boxer shirts *chuckle*

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oh that newsletter today really brightened my day!



Omlet Boxer Shorts

You might be wondering who on earth is modelling these slinky boxer shorts. Unfortunately he would like to remain anonymous. These boxers fit a 30-32 inch waist. Made from a great new material that feels like silk but is actually 45% wood and 45% cotton and 10% lycra to make them a bit stretchy.




45% wood? i though boxers contained wood.. and was not made of it.


Do you think they might have meant wool?


really made me chuckle (all kind of rude thoughts flashed in mu mind). :D


was feeling very down in the dumps.. but not anymore!


lol :wink:





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Thanks Kate - I did. I am so sad that I got home from appointments today, logged onto the forum first, followed by my work e-mail, followed by my home e-mail :roll: Thanks for keeping me going in newsletters! Glad to see you now have a super computer to match your super pants (had to get a reference to pants in there from somewhere!!)! :D

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Not quite Mel! I'm still on the one out of the Ark. The new one arrived a couple of months ago. Was fantastic and computed at the speed of light for 6 weeks then went belly up! I've been on this one ever since. We had a very nice boffin come today from the computer company and he's fixed the new one but it's got no data at all on it anymore as it's had to have a new hard drive so I'm still plodding along on the prehistoric one until we can spend the weekend transferring everything onto the new one - again!

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