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Chickens eating their own eggs

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HELP! I THink they are. LIttle so and so's. Deeply suspicious.




Apart from anything else, a marathon baking session means I've run out of eggs. Htey've only been laying two weeks, and I foudn one in the run which got eaten before I could get to it, and the eggs that drop through the bars don't get eaten, of course, but I'm still dead suspicious.

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Adding more grit to their diet to produce a thicker shell might help a bit. One of ours (Henny Penny) started to lay rather thin shelled eggs; once one or two broke by accident and she obviously liked the taste she very quickly developed the habit of breaking them deliberately to get at the contents. (Was caught in the act.)


DON'T GIVE THEM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT! Act with the mustard sharpish. Poor Henny Penny died a matter of weeks after we found out and she was only laying a couple of eggs a week by that time. Luckily she didn't touch the other eggs from our other two who were laying eggs with much thicker shells.

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