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Plants and the hens

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They are pretty sensible, magamamma and tend to ignore anything poisonous. I've got rhubarb growing in my garden and the leaves of this are supposed to be toxic to hens and other animals but they haven't bothered with them. All parts of the daffodil are toxic but I saw one of them eat a leaf a couple of years ago with no ill effects. I was given a list of dangerous plants a while ago.


Laburnum seeds

Potato sprouts

Black Nightshade







Castor Bean

Sweet Pea

Corn Cockle


St John's Wort

Meadow Buttercup



Aconitum napellus (Monks Hood)


Lords and Ladies (Avum)





but I've got several of these in my garden and the hens haven't bothered with any of them.

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We have just got a run extension for our girls and decided to move things round a bit, to accommodate the larger run. We have daffs coming up in the run now :roll: , but they haven't touched them, or the ones in the garden. Babs escapes regularly into the small bit of garden done so far and has shredded the foxglove leaves but didn't eat them. I think they know what to eat and what to leave.

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ummm, my chooks ate all my sweetpeas last year. i didn't know, and they seem to have no ill effects. but i will strike them off my list of plants to put in this year. good news is, they are actively helping me get rid of my knotweed, and that is not bad for them, i checked that out...

oh, and they haven't eaten my lavender yet. i think i will put more of that where the knotweed used to be...



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Privet? My lot have practically lived off privet through the winter, as there has been no grass. :( I do hope they aren't doing themselves any damage. They also had a try of the Rododendron when we first planted it, but it must have disagreed with them, because after the initial attack, they've never touched it again.

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Thanks for all the feedback. have just planted some bulbs around the edge of my chicken plot and some viola. Nice to know they wont touch it and if they do they will learn from thier mistake. Shame the kids cant do the same! Getting my girls on sunday and am so excited. Im sure they'll be well behaved


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