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In reverse

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Has the gadget that counts the number of postings that Omleteers make gone into reverse??!!


Not that I'm wanting to join in a race to get a high number you understand, but yesterday I noticed that I had 1973 posts, which stuck in my mind as 1973 was a significant year for me.


Later, and I don't know why, I looked again and it had gone down to 1832. (Not a significant year for me!!)


This morning it is 1830!! ( well 1831 with this one).


Is there a spanner in the works?


With all the recent upgrading and tinkering, has someone left an oily rag somewhere!! :lol::lol:


Just wondering....not bothered really!! :lol:

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The 3word story was cleaned up as well - once topics get to long, we start to have problems with them, so every now and then things get tidied up, to help with the smooth running of the forum.




Most of the time you don;t notice it, but sometimes we do have to make some drastic snips...... :D:wink:

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