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What is she?

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Following on from the bantams thread


Bronze have you got a photo of Judy and one of your other girls for us to look at? I might be able to tell you if she is a Bantam if she is next to a bigger Chicken.




How hard is it to get a picture to tshow that. this is the best I have for now



and the eggs sizes 009610335e13b037761e3b3729da388303018379fd3c6a5513508751.jpg


Ok I've gathered she couldnt be a true bantam but what is she then? Anyone?

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Hi Bron


Below is a photo of Bubbles my Bantam Plymouth rock. Judy and Bubbles do not look alike :? Judy has a sticking up tail and Bubbles has hardly any tail at all :?


Is her comb the same as Bubbles?


Bubbles lays eggs that a pale brown. In the photo Judy's egg looks white.


She is definately look a buff colour :D Seeing her standing next to the grub and glug she does look Bantam size.


I have no idea what type of chicken she is, but shes looks lovely :D:D



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