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Buff and Pugs PUP!

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Just to update you all. After a terrible time losing katie I can't believe we have chosen Daisie!


Had a lovely trip to Sedburgh and met Jenny and Peter of Bucksteps Boxers. Had a choice of 5 female pups and after playing with their older girls (who reminded me of Katie) I couldn't enthuse about the choice. Mikey had already got a favourite from the pics (will be posting all sorts of pics of all our brood soon) and this didn't change so he chose her! 8)


On our second visit I fell in love with Daisie and we will collect her the day after we get back from hols. Less than 4 weeks, prepare for broody mum again!!!!! I'm very lucky to have such a fabulous bunch of fur and feather kids!!



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Welcome in Advance Daisie!!!

If our mum can be a virtual aunt can we be virtual cousins please

Licks and woofs and tail wags

Cookie Boy Charlie

Totally True Blue


Tricky Wicky Minky Moo



Of course, she'll have plenty to tell you when she gets here!! :lol::lol:



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