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Green-fingered person from the Scottish Highlands?

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Hi All. We're considering a move from west London to Inverness (more space for the chooks to roam!) and wondering what will grow well there - and can I still grow my favourite plants and veggies?


I tend to grow chillis, tomatoes and basil in the greenhouse, a range of veg in the plot (spuds, sweetcorn, spinach, onions, asparagus, beans, peas) and flowery plants that the bees like (sunflowers, lavendar, scabious, hollyhocks). Can I still grow these? What good alternatives are there?


Any advice greatly appreciated! J

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In some areas of Scotland it is easy to grow Kiwi and melon varieties. Due to micro-climates or something.


Saw it on another forum! :lol:


Maybe the southwest corner of Scotland - very mild there! Not so sure about Inverness though, that's more north east. It is very different, but don't know what alternatives would be viable. Sure one of the Scottish ometteers will be able to give you some advice soon! Sounds like a great move by the way - wonderful part of the country! :D

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im not from Scotland. But we visit the north western highlands every year (I adore scotland and im very :mrgreen::mrgreen: of you moving there)!!


It is quite mild over the western side, they dont see so much snow as say Aberdeenshire and Cairngorm regions. As you get nearer the top of scotland the land narrows quite a bit so Inverness isnt that far from the western coast either....so I think you'd be ok with your veggies.


we have a couple forum members from scotland, maybe they will post some helpful thoughts later. :)

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Hi Jen and Rog :D


You will be able to grow all those veggies and plants up here :D


The growing season is shorter, but the daylight hours in the summer make up for it. It gets light about 2.30ish am and still light after 10pm. some days it is still sunny till nearly 10pm. You will need blackout blinds on your bedroom curtains :shock: The winter days are of course very short :(


We get some cracking summers days here as well, it is not as bad as I and ohers make out :wink: We say these things so that the rest of the UK do not decide to come and live here :lol: We have had 20 minutes of snow here this winter (I live about 40 or so miles east of Inverness) whch did not settle. Very few days of frost as well



I love it up here and could never move back 'home' to Nottingham. The people are friendly, scenery breathtaking and the lifestyle perfect.


If you want any more info about the area send me a PM :D


Look here :lol: .......... www.hspc.co.uk

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