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Has anyone got any experience of covered litter boxes?

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I'm still getting stress with litter being kicked out of the eglu, and was wondering about putting a covered litter box inside the elgu, so that when they get into one of their "flinging it all about" mood, it stays inside - hopefully! I've seen some with a little opening, but without a cat flap. If I get a small one it might fit.

Anyone got any thoughts? :?:

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Thanks for that Clare, I was wondering about the little opening and if they'd be spooked by it. Okay, well you know how much I was raving about the dog basket in the run? Well my latest plan is to put the dog basket with some litter in it, inside the eglu, and they can use that as a "litter tray". I put it in there last night, and they've been using it without too much of a problem. The high sides seem to keep the litter a little more contained, and there was hardly any just outside the door this morning. There's still enough room for them to move around inside and to get to their food. I'm rather liking it at the moment. This does mean I may have to get another dog basket, to fill with hay for them to snuggle up in and graze all day! At the moment I've put a washing up bowl filled with hay for them, but it's not big enough really.

Does anyone think this is a bad idea - dog basket litter tray?

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Hey guys! We have so cracked it!! We've gone for the next size up on the dog bed front, filled with hay where they can lounge and snooze, and they've got the smaller dog bed inside the eglu with a thin layer of "Carefresh Bedding" and it's working really well; they poo where they're meant to poo, it's easy to chuck it all in a bin liner/compost bin, the Carefresh stops most of the smell of urine, the bigger dog bed is better as there's more room for them to stretch out, and we're all very happy! And I'm so relieved I don't have to contort myself into all sorts of strange shapes to either get at all the bedding they've kicked out of the eglu door, or worse still have to crawl inside the run - you'd think with 8 and 9 year olds there'd be enough volenteers, but they don't relish the job!


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