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no egg today?

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When Chuckles started laying she did 2 or 3 days on and 1 day off. Cluck has always laid about 6 eggs a week. They are all different but not many lay for 7 days a week (now someone will come along and contradict me...)


If she has just started laying she has done well to do 5 days without a break.


Does she seem off-colour in any other way?

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I'd agree with everyone else, no need to worry, she probably deserves a break. With any luck there'll be a lovely egg for you tomorrow :D

Sometimes laying patterns do vary, but they do need to take a day or 2, or even longer, off every so often.

She'll probably develop a bit of a pattern and as you get more used to her you'll be able to predict (roughly) when eggs are likely to appear and when she's due a rest day :D

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