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I *think* I'm going. Hubby used wrong expiry date on ticket order so we're currently stuck waiting for them reject our payment and contact us so we can rectify it. rumours are rife about cancelling orders where payments are rejected so we're on pins at the moment. SO much worse than just not getting tickets, to have them so close and be swiped away from us because of a typ-o! :roll:

Really missed it when it wasn''t on last year (though had a very little baby at the time so not practical) and am really looking forward to hopefully going. The grin still creeps across my face when I think of that moment you've pitched your tent and you go off to explore the site, stopping off for a pear cider and working out who to see. will be very different for us this year with Daisy in tow, but still exciting. Oooohhhhhhhh, fingers crossed it all works out, will sob if it doesn't! :cry:

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My other half is going for a "lads weekend" (should I be worried?!). We went together a few years ago, but I didnt fancy it again this time (I turn into a monster if I get less than 10 hours a night! :oops: )


So I have a friend coming to stay for a girly weekend :D

She's terrified of the chooks though, so they will probably get a tad neglected :?

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