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house chickens. . .

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OK. . .we've gone from 85 degree weather back to 40 degree weather. Kansas is so fun, you just never know what to expect this time of year.


I'm hoping the plants do ok with the sudden drop in temp.


Although the girls aren't living in the Eglu yet, one day when it was warm I left them out when I went to work thinking I could start leaving them out for a few hours and then bring them back in at night. . .until they are fully feathered and can stay outside all the time.


Well, I'm at work and the weather started changing. . .I had left the Eglu open, but for the few Eglu outings we have had the girls mainly explored the grass & not the Eglu.

I rushed home from work at lunch.. . .it was still sunny but started to get chilly & really windy. . .I walked in the yard to see the girls in the Eglu peaking out.


I worried for nothing, they knew what to do.


But spring has retreated for a few days and we may get a bit of snow again. That sucks!


I love spending time with my girls on the couch though. I layer old blankets everywhere and they hang out. They look around and then eventually settle on my arm or my leg. . .and it's the sweetest thing. They are right at home.


I told you my dog Saxen loves the birds and likes to be their protector. . .I think I found out why. . .I caught him eating a chicken poo! Yuck.


Dogs are attracted to cat poo I know and chicken poo smells as potent. . .do I have to worry about the dogs eating the occasional chicken poo? I guess it's just recycled grain. . .?? But still, uh, GROSS. ;-)

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I think this is where I orignially meant to go with the "house chickens" post.

Even though chickens are hardy birds and can withstand severe weather with appropriate shelter (Eglu). . .I so see myself trying to bring my two inside when the weather gets bad here. Especially when it gets really cold.


Put them in a dog kennel or something at night to avoid extreme temps. Etc.


Anyone else do this? In the UK you may not experience the extremes we can get here. And I did research chicken keeping in this area and know they will survive it. . .but as my pets, I don't want them just to survive, but to be pampered. ;-)

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Hi John,

Such a disappointment with the weather! :( It has been a little like that over here but less extreme.


I do like the idea of you with the chooks on the sofa :lol::lol:


In the winter here i put a snugglesafe in with my girls - its a pet hot water bottle that you warm up in the microwave and they keep warm for hours, i put mine under the roosting bars when i put my girls to bed. :D

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That's a great idea. I've only ever put extra straw down for ours. They've always been ok though, and I even leave the eglu door open ajar so they can come and go as they please. They are very hardy birds. Tougher than we think.


We do have very changable weather here in the UK John, but I imagine the temperature changes are greater where you are. Wanting the best for our pets is natural, and I would always stick to my instincts and what I feel is right when it comes to them. I see nothing wrong with snuggling up on the sofa with your favourite pets!


This time of year things do warm up in the UK, but it's still quite chilly in the main. The lighter nights are what everybody really looks forward to, and I for one, would put up with most of what the weather throws at me for the sake of these lovely longer days. My chooks too!







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my dog also loves to eat chicken poo :vom:


She knows shes not allowed and is always very sneaky and does it when we arent looking. It hasnt caused her any ill effects as of yet. Our old dog used to love cat poo :vom: which I think is even worse than chicken poo and smells foul!


I would love to have my girls indoors like you do.....but theres one thing - they POO everywhere...dont you find that or are your girls more civillised than mine?!! :lol:


They have been as far in as the kitchen, but not ventured the living room yet though.


Your weather is weird ! Its beginning to warm up over here now, lovely and spring like, I cant believe you might get snow !! :shock:


I love Kansas...never been there, but Dorothy comes from there doesnt she :lol:

"theres no place like home".........(my all time favourite film ever) :wink:

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I worried about Doris and Gwen getting cold during winter....but resisted the urge to cover the eglu or use a hot water bottle...................but only just :roll::lol: I think the world of my chickens so I guess it is only natural to worry about them - OH just goes :roll::roll: !


It's great to hear how you are getting on in Kansas, any plans to increase your flock?! How sweet that your dog has fallen for the chicken charm too :D

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Yes, the girls do poo, but they are still little so it's not too crazy. And they usually do it immediately after I let them out. . .so I watch for it! I cover the couch with a double layer of old blankets and have tissue ready. Then after some time out watching tv with me, the blankets get washed for the next time as they head back to the rabbit cage.


They are too small to be in the Eglu so they are still "brooding", and I use this time to bond with them each evening after work. They are so comfortable with me and the dogs and they are only 3 to 4 weeks now. I'm hoping all of this together time will assure that they will be friendly adults.


It is an amazing process. . .they are growing SO fast.


When they get bigger, I don't forsee too much indoor time. . .but we'll see. I've heard of chicken diapers! ;-)


By the way, we did get snow. . .it's really wet snow so won't stick around long, but yeah Kansas weather is weird. And yes, this is where Dorothy came from! ;-)

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