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MORE chicken keeping bonuses!

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On my way down to scholl with the boys yesterday morning, we met up with one of the nursery teachers and had a chat on the way down the road.


School nursery places for 3 year olds are about as common as hens teeth here, with a playgroup further away providing places for the 3 year olds. The school nursery teacher was asking about Caitlin, when she was going to turn 3, did I have her name down for both nurseries, the usual stuff, when she said


'Duncan and Owens teachers have been showing off eggs in the staff room, one was a double yolker apparantly. Do you really have hens that lay eggs?'


'Yes,' I replied


'And if Caitlin came to the school nursery, would we be able to arrange a nursery visit to see the chickens?'


'Absolutely' I replied


'And would the nursery teachers be given the same eggy treat as the other teachers?'


'I would imagine so'


'Hmmmmmm, very interesting!'


and off she went into the nursery.


What landed on the doormat this morning?


A letter from the nursery giving Caity a place starting after Christmas when she turns 3!

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