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Eglu Classic Roosting Bars Explained

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Here is an easy way to find out if the plastic roosting bars will fit your Eglu Classic...


So the question is - Will the Plastic Eglu Classic Roosting Bars fit my Eglu?


NO - If you own one of the very first Eglus, previously known as the Mark 1 which were built during 2004 and the Summer of 2005, the roosting bars for these would be made of wood and should have a frame of wooden batons and then several loose batons which make up the roosting bars, thus meaning your Eglu is a Mk1.




YES - If you have a Eglu Classic, previously known as the Mark 2, which was built between Summer 2005 and Summer 2008 the roosting bars should again be made of wood and should all be part of a frame (like the plastic ones but wooden) and this would mean that your eglu is a Mk2.


Hope this helps.... :D:D


Further information and illustrations of the wooden versions of the roosting bars can be seen here.

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