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Will i ever get an egg????????????????

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Hah, I'm currently beating you all hands down on the waiting for eggs thing. I've even given up working out how old Phil is, or how long we've had her. POL (supposedly) when we got her on 25th May....... and not an egg to be seen :shock:

I've given up :roll:

At least I'm getting 2 eggs a day from Onion & Brie, and with any luck Ella & Zola will oblige sooner or later too. Phil's either a pretty pet..... or Christmas dinner :shock: . We're not sure which yet :wink:

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Hear me :? I'm planning on sitting her in front of this and getting her to read it. Coaxing & persuading have got me no-where. I've moved onto threats :shock:

We did have 2 casserole dishes next to the eglu at one point- one full of water in the hot weather because it was too heavy for them to knock over. The other was for Phil to climb into. Strangely she chose to ignore it :roll:

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I have to admit Bunty is pretty useless in the egg laying department too, she layed an egg 5 days after we got her but every time she has layed a clutch she then goes broody and doesn't lay again for a month........ :roll:


She is moulting at the moment and has lost all her tail feathers and most of the feather from her tummy so she is not laying .............Never mind she probably won't lay again now until the spring but we still love her she is so fluffy and funny, Emily has collected all her feathers and wants to make a cushion it will be small but beautiful.............just like Bunty when she gets her new feathers........ :lol:

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