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Feather pecking -sore?

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Ginger was mawled by a dog/fox back in Jan 2007, since then a patch of feathers on her back have been missing. I have noticed that Pepperpot has been pecking around that area... It's a bit of a nightmare as i would have thought the feathers should have grown back by now?


I have tried gentian violet spray recently-but she still pecks that area!! I have now tried separating them for a while, but it hasn't been easy. As soon as some feathers sprout through -the next day they are gone (and it appears red again!)


Do i need to resort to a bumper bit? Will she ever break up this habit? It's a pity as they seem to be close and happy together.



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[Thanks for your comments -i've managed to buy a separate pen to keep pepperpot in (so they are separate for a month or so), that is the plan anyway. Hopefully ginger's feathers will grow back stronger by then....

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