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Hi! we have 5 chickens but now we got 2 guimmie pigs tooooo

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hello! we got five hens so use the other section of this site but now we have 2 lil boys to which need a name! my 5 year old son Jake would like to call one Fred!!!!! hummmm not tooo sure lol

The other we think he wants to call him Toby but he keeps changing his mind.


they are 6-7 weeks old so still reasonably small! ones brown and white and very scruffy looking the other is brown,white with a black face!


will be looking forward to reading the posts in here now!!




(brown guinea)(brown guinea)GNRGNRGNRGNRGNR:shock::lol:

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8) Congratulations, Emma. I think guinea pigs are my favourite pet, after chickens now of course.

Ahhh, they must be quite small being that young. Are they brothers? I know keeping 2 males can be a problem if they fight, but we had 2 young ones and they were quite happy together,.

I'm sure Jake will love them & enjoy thinking of names. Fred is a good start!

Hope you have fun with them. :D

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hi emma


how are the guinea pigs?


we have two hens and are thinking about a couple of gps - just wondering, if you let your chickens wander around do they ever go up to the guinea pig run and hassle the gps?


also, i have two young children and know they would love to have gps (although the gps will be my responsibility) does anyone have anything with an open top they put their gps in (inside or outside) so that young children can handle them but they aren't in any danger of running off when they are let go - i saw something once on a children's programme, think it was on the cbeebies channel, where they had the two pet rabbits in a large round transparent thing with sides that sloped inwards, presumably so they couldn't climb out.


or do gps not tend to run off anyway - never had them before, so no idea how fast they are!

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hi! hens and gps apparently get on well............. i do intened to allow my gps to run freely with the hens who are in a reasonable sized run! i wont be allowing to run freely in the garden tho!



say hello to the newest mebers of my lil zoo lol


this is Fred (my 5 year old was adiment thats his name lol


and this will be Toby





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I have my 3 GPs (boys) cage set up in the chicken run (18' x 9') and they all get on fine. The only thing I would say is that the chickens kept nicking their food. So hubby has built another run inside so that the GPs have their own run now and can come and go as they please. We've also put in wooden toys for them to play/chew. They run around and it's great to watch. It's completely fox proof and the chooks and GPs roam all day.


The chooks have never pecked them - more interested in the food!!!


I think they are entertainment for each other, they watch each others antics and seem to get along okay.


Hubby is still trying to find the time to put photos on for everyone to see.



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